Fondia is a legal services company that is revamping the traditional legal services industry, offering an outsourced legal department to companies of all sizes. Fondia believes that digital services will enhance high-quality legal expertise and genuine customer orientation, creating added value for customer companies. In addition to Helsinki, the strongly value-based Fondia operates in Finland in several different locations, as well as in Sweden and the Baltic countries, and already employed more than 160 people.

“In 2021, Fondia's head office, Fondia House, moved to new premises, where a multi-space office supporting modern work was built. Listening to the wishes of the lawyers, we procure Octacell workrooms to be placed in an open office, where you can easily and without disturbing others go through the documents with the client over the phone. We designed tapes according to our brand on the wall glass of the premises as a visual barrier and attached whiteboards to the exterior, so that the full potential of the booths was utilized.

Our choice was influenced by Octacell's responsible way of operating in accordance with our own values, high quality standards for sound insulation and the possibility to place a full-size ergonomic workstation with two screens.

Transactions with Octacell went smoothly due to excellent customer service and the facilities were delivered quickly. The satisfaction of the users is indicated by the fact that according to the booking calendar, the facilities named Matti and Tepo are in use most of the working day and the spontaneous thanks received from them. ”

Päivi Orpana, Office Manager, Fondia Oyj