Octacell story

Antti Sundqvist, Founder and CEO of the company:  “I have worked many years in the largest construction companies in Finland on sites with a a vantage point to different constructions projects. My construction industry years included work in a nuclear plan, school, hotel, several new buildings, offices and different renovation sites. What these different projects had in common was the huge number of different groups of professionals working on the sites and unfortunately frequent quality, schedule and budget problems. I worked with different main contractors and subcontractors, designers and consultants, and this made me to think about a solution that would considerably streamline construction. I wanted to create a product and service that would enable the customer to receive tailored soundproof spaces, which are installed ready for use, and a solution that can be easily changed when the organisation’s space requirements change. After years of product development, we are now able to provide such a solution to our customers, and this solution is called Octacell.”


Finnish quality

All Octacell products are manufactured in Finland using top-quality components and materials. The central value when manufacturing the products is the long service life. We manufacture the products in Ostrobothnia, which is famous for its furniture industry.


The goal of the Octacell pod solution is to abandon the culture of disposability with the adjustable and soundproof pods which allow the utilisation of the full potential of the existing office space when building new premises. The products are mainly manufactured from wood, glass and soundproofing material based on recycled plastic foam. We are constantly surveying more ecological production materials and methods.

Solid background

Octacell Oy is led by its Founder and CEO, Construction Engineer, Antti Sundqvist. The growth of the company is enabled by the investor and partner, Finnish Halton Group: www.halton.com