Meeting pods

Conference rooms for multi-person meetings.

Octacell offers a wide range of meeting pods of different sizes. The installation of the pods only takes one working day, after which the pods are ready to use. The pods have separate floor, wall and ceiling structures. The pods are not fixed to the surrounding structures, and do not leave marks on them. All Octacell pods have in-built efficient ventilation and lighting.

Octacell meeting pods have high-quality soundproofing and adjustable forced ventilation. Due to the powerful ventilation, the air stays fresh and you can spend hours in the meeting pod together with our co-workers. All Octacell meeting pods have energy-efficient and adjustable LED lighting and the required number of power sockets. Octacell meeting pods are placed in accordance with the surrounding spaces by choosing the suitable places for door and glass walls. Our experts are happy to help you choose the assembly.

You can use your own furniture in the Octacell meeting pod or purchase the pod as a turnkey service and fully furnished. You can easily use your own video meeting equipment in the pod or choose the equipment from our video meeting equipment collection.

All Octacell meeting pods are 100% adjustable, which means that you can change the size of the space according to your needs. This flexibility creates an extremely long lifecycle, as the spaces can be easily and quickly changed on the basis of the users’ space needs.