New front light and additional screen options for Octacell video conference rooms

The most desired models of Octacell spaces are video conferencing rooms, where remote meetings can be conducted in peace. Our customers have largely returned to office work, but remote meetings have become a permanent part of our everyday lives. The lighting for video conferencing has been discussed with many of our customers, and we are happy to announce that it is possible to equip Octacell spaces with front lighting that improves the video quality.

Octacell 2X1 space with a front light

The front lighting in Octacell spaces can be adjusted by the user and can be turned off if needed. In our spaces, you can also adjust the brightness of the ceiling lights or turn them off entirely. The front lighting in Octacell spaces is an optional extra and is not included as standard.

Our most popular video conferencing space is the Octacell 2X1 space, which is more spacious than a normal phone booth. We have upgraded the 2X1 space with a larger workdesk, which now comes as standard with an oak veneer. The larger desk allows for the installation of an additional screen, which is essential for many professionals.

An Octacell 2X1 space can also be equipped with an additional screen, 27" screen in picture

These features can also be retrofitted into an existing Octacell space. Contact us and let's find a video conferencing space that fits for you!

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