Octacell secure spaces for particularly confidential tasks

Octacell rooms can now be installed as secure spaces. An Octacell secure space is a room that can only be accessed by a selected group of people. The Octacell secure space has no windows, which ensures complete privacy inside the room. The spaces are also particularly soundproof due to their enclosed walls.

Secure spaces are designed for situations where the nature of your work warrants a high degree of confidentiality.

An Octacell secure space can be installed in any indoor area. The space is built with its own floor, wall, and ceiling structure, as well as independent ventilation and lighting. The space isn't attached to surrounding structures and does not leave any marks on them. The space can be dismantled and reassembled at a new location if necessary. The secure space is equipped with a soundproof door with a pump handle, which can be equipped with electronic access control or mechanical locking.

An Octacell secure space can also be equipped with alarm devices. The space is not dependent on any specific system, so access control and any potential alarm devices can be ordered from the desired vendor. The secure space can be furnished with desired loose furniture, so for example a safe can be installed inside the space if needed.

For more information about the Octacell secure space, please contact our sales team!

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