First Octacell spaces to be shipped outside Finland

We were happy to deliver the first ever Octacell spaces outside Finland to Sweden and France in August 2022. Octacell 1X1 phone booths were installed in the center of Stockholm and oak strip paneled Octacell 2X1 spaces found their place in Bethune, Northern-France.

Octacell 1X1 space in Stockholm.

While conducting test marketing, we were delighted to notice that there's demand for Octacell spaces beyond Finland's borders. The plan is to strenghten export efforts more broadly in the future.

"We have already delivered hundreds of Octacell spaces of various sizes to big and small companies and communities. It's great to see that Finnish products that help people work more efficiently in office conditions are appreciated abroad as well. This is a great position to keep going!" Octacells founder and CEO Antti Sundqvist summarizes.

Octacell 2X1 space in France

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