Octacell spaces now with a wheelchair accessible door

The range of additional equipment for Octacell spaces expands with an accessible leaf door. The accessible 900 mm wide leaf door allows wheelchair access to the space. The door is designed especially for customer service spaces, as many public service spaces have special requirements for passageways. The door is delivered with an extra low soundproof sill and a wheelchair ramp. The accessible leaf door can be installed in any Octacell space that meets the interior dimensions for wheelchair access.

Octacell 3X2 space with an accessible door

"We listen closely to the needs of our customers and develop our products accordingly. We've had questions regarding unrestricted access to the spaces because it is absolutely vital in certain environments. Modular customer service spaces are an excellent alternative to solid structures when it comes to building costs, quality and scheduling as well." Octacells head of product development Antti Sundqvist summarizes.

Explore Octacells customer service spaces here.

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