The Octacell collection has received the Design from Finland label

Octacell's customizable soundproof spaces have been awarded the Design from Finland label in early 2022. The Design from Finland label is awarded to products or services that are designed professionally, responsibly, and user-oriented in Finland. The label is granted by the Association for Finnish Work.

Octacell's entire collection, which includes a total of 10 different sized spaces, has been awarded the Design from Finland label.

All Octacell spaces are proudly designed and made in Finland. The design of Octacell spaces is the work of the founder, Antti Sundqvist. The brand name is also related to the design, as the word Octa comes from the eight corner pieces of the spaces. Octacell's goal is to also target foreign markets in the future, so we believe that the Design from Finland label also helps to build trust beyond Finland's borders. Check out our collection here!

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