Octacell 2X1 achieved A+ level sound insulation

The Octacell 2X1 pod was rated with class A+ soundproofing in modular ready space measuring carried out in accordance with the ISO 23351 1:2020 standard (Measurement of speech level reduction of furniture ensembles and enclosures) in Helsinki, Finland, on 11 February 2022. The measurements were carried out by Sitowise Oy/Helimäki Acoustics. The Octacell 2X1 pod achieved the result of 33.1 dB DS,A in the field measurement according to the ISO 23351 1:2020 standard, which grants it the soundproofing classification of A+. The field measurement has been carried out in an office environment to provide a realistic picture of the soundproofing of the space. However, previous measurements carried out in January 2021 resulted in the score of 30.0 dB, which granted the soundproofing classification of A. The Octacell 2X1 pod is used as a phone booth and video meeting pod.

Document of the results of the new soundproofing measurement

ISO 233451-1:2020 standard measures the soundproofing levels of modular furniture ensembles. The result provides a realistic picture of the soundproofing of the furniture ensemble as a whole. Before the soundproofing standard, decibels in work spaces were measured by numerous different means, which meant that the results were not comparable. We strongly recommend using soundproofing results pursuant to standard ISO 233451-1 when comparing products of different manufacturers.

ISO 23351 1:2020 standard soundproofing classes

Octacell’s Founder and head of product development Antti Sundqvists comment on the top rating: “We are constantly developing the Octacell pods. Every day, we think about how to improve the features of our pods and, thereby, the user experience of our customers. We were overjoyed to receive this result, as this means that we can provide our customers with soundproof pods of even higher quality.”

All Octacell pods are made of the same elements, so tjhat we can guarantee all our pods, in addition to the 2X1 pod, have superior soundproofing. Learn more about the Octacell 2X1 pod here.